Friday, February 04, 2005

For Pops

My dad is a very cool dude. Always has been. Of course, I'm a daddy's girl to some degree, but still. Actually both my folks are terrific - I'm lucky that way.

I've been able to make several things for Mom, which I enjoy. Of course I've also made several things for the kiddo, for my sis-in-law, for Carol Ann, and for me! I like creating something out of nothing; a useful, beautiful object out of sticks and strings. I especially like creating really special items for people I love.

My dad hasn't really wanted anything so far. My husband and my brother get nothing, because they both made fun of me when I was learning to knit. Nothing, nada, zip. But my Mom and Dad went to the trouble of getting me a gift certificate to Joann's (the only yarn supplier in town, except for evil Wal-Mart). They did this as a thank you for several things I'd made Mom, and just to support me in my hobby. There was no occasion, just an out-of-the-blue gift. Didn't I say they're terrific?

The other night I was looking at a knitting book I got from the library while we were over at my parents' house for dinner with all the kids and my brother and sis-in-law. My dad got interested in the patterns, so I was explaining how to read the patterns, and he was looking at the items. He found a hat he liked, so guess what I'm working on now?


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